About me

by Peter Collingridge
My sister's handmade cards on Etsy.
Drawing of a pile of animals

I currently work as a freelance programmer, mainly creating dynamic maths exercises and science simulations for Khan Academy. My other interests are in scalar vector graphics (SVG) and artificial life. When I get more time, I would like to get back to playing go and learning Chinese.


In addition to this website, I have a few others, made by me and/or my girlfriend, Victoria.

You can also find me on the following websites.

My sister has a site with her illustrations. Some of them are for sale on her Etsy site.


My background is in molecular biology. I did an undergraduate Masters degree in Biochemisty (MBioch) at Oxford University. I also did a PhD in Pathology at Oxford University. My research was on metabolic enzymes in the flagellum a trypanosome (a parasite which cause human African trypanosomaisis). I then did a postdoc at the Marine Biological Association in Plymouth, researching calcuim regulation in the flagella of the green algae, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.


My scientific publications can be found on Pubmed here. Not all of them are open access, but you can download them here. Below is a brief summary of each of them.

  1. Collingridge PW, Brown RW & Ginger ML Parasitology. 2010 Aug; 137(9):1467-75 Moonlighting enzymes in parasitic protozoa.
  2. Collingridge PW & Kelly S BMC Bioinformatics. 2012 May; 13:117 MergeAlign: improving multiple sequence alignment performance by dynamic reconstruction of consensus multiple sequence alignments.
  3. Ginger ML, Collingridge PW, Brown RW, Sproat R, Shaw MK & Gull K Protist. 2013 Jul; 164(4):528-40 Calmodulin is required for paraflagellar rod assembly and flagellum-cell body attachment in trypanosomes.
  4. Collingridge P, Brownlee C & Wheeler GL Current Biology 2013 Nov; 23(22):2311-8 Compartmentalized Calcium Signaling in Cilia Regulates Intraflagellar Transport.
  5. Brown WB, Collingridge PW, Gull K, Rigden DJ & Ginger ML PLoS One 2014 July 22 Evidence for Loss of a Partial Flagellar Glycolytic Pathway during Trypanosomatid Evolution.