Tools & Experiments

by Peter Collingridge
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Drawing of a pile of animals

I made this website to host various attempts at creating Python and Javascript tools. You can find out more about me on my blog. If you have any comments or feedback please contact me.


3D graphics tutorial

A tutorial going step-by-step through how to create your own 3D graphics engine. It uses Khan Academy's computer science platform, but the principles apply to any computer graphics system.


A Python program to reduce the file size of uploaded SVGs.


A Javascript program to reduce the file size of SVGs in real time. Still in progress, but more flexible than the Python version.


A Javascript program to apply transformations to SVG elements and to convert between abolute and relative paths.

Matrix multiplier

Uses jQuery and Javascript to immediately display the result to multiplying two matrices. Eventually I hope it will be able to mutliply matrices containing variables as well as numbers.


Uses JQuery and Javascript to convert pinyin written with tone numbers (e.g. ni3hao3) into piyin with tone marks (e.g. nǐhǎo). Eventually I hope to add the ability to convert hanzi to pinyin, but I need to find a good dictionary.


A Python program that pixelates an uploaded image such that details are preferentially preserved. Outputs a HTML5 Canvas image and processing.js code which can be directly used in Khan Academy's computer science platform.


Bioinformatic tool that displays basic information about DNA or protein sequences. Uses Javascript and aims to give instant information as soon as sequences are added.

DNA images

A Javascript program to generate SVG images of DNA, especially for illustrating PCR.